how to rise funds and improve brand equity

Domain names are an important part of establishing your brand and company online. They’re a key factor to your business branding, and a significant identifier.

Why you need to buy a good domain for your brand?

In this era of social media, the internet is saturated with brands and companies. Competition for premium web addresses can be intense, but registering a domain for your company may not be the right path to secure your spot on the internet. A premium domain name will often be used as a form of branding that can position your brand and company in no time and even increase your funds raising efforts. For example, “Nike” is recognizable by many people even if they don’t know what the word means, they all can confidently say Nike owns etc. It’s easy to see how a powerful domain can benefit your business.

What are the benefits of owning multiple domains?

When you own more than one domain, it will be easier for your audience to find and remember you. If a user is looking for something about your business, they may not remember the exact web address. But if you own more than one domain that relates to the topic, you can dominate an industry top domains and get a lot of organic traffic for your main website and business. They can simply type in what they are looking for and find your site more easily.

How can domains help you with brand equity and online branding

Domains are really important for branding. They are often the first thing people see when they see your banners and products. Your domain is vital for your brand equity, the first thing you see when you search for a company online is the company website, and this can tell you a lot about the company and people behind that brand. Why? Because most domains nowadays have an objective, the best tend to be, concise, short, easy to spell and write, easy to remember, etc. A domain will never take up too much space and will tell visitors what they need to know about the company or brand in one sight. You can use that brief message to start building credibility with your audience from the get-go.
Think for example in the differences between the domains: and Who is leading the market there?

The Domain Name Process

The domain name process is at the heart of all internet and digital marketing. The first step is to choose or find a great name that will represent your brand well. Once you have decided the perfect name, it’s time to acquire or buy that name. If you go hand registering your domain, this can turn into a dangerous and fruitless task, since almost all good brand names are taken, the same as all good real estate in the world, domains are not an exception to that rule. If you try registering any more or less good-looking domain name, chances are you will end with a confusing, too long or very low value extension or domain that will very likely hurt your business.


In conclusion, domains are an essential part of building your brand and company. If you want your company to stand out and lead a market or industry be prepared to invest in a good premium domain name it will be all worth it, rest assured.


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