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If you are a business owner, you know the importance of branding. Branding is so important because it establishes your company’s credibility and marketing message. Think about your favorite brands – Nike, Apple, Starbucks – these brands have become household names mainly because they have invested heavily in their branding strategies. These companies are not just known for making great products, but also for being incredibly creative with their branding campaigns.

Why Premium Domain Names?

Premium domains are the foundation of a successful business. In fact, many entrepreneurs have been able to build multimillion dollar businesses from scratch using premium domain names as their foundation. #1. Premium Domains Attract Traffic Top-of-the-line domains will attract all types of traffic – especially high-quality organic traffic that converts into paying customers because the domain name is easy to remember and sounds professional. There’s no better marketing tool than a premium domain name to help your brand

The term premium domain refers to a domain name that has been previously registered that carries a lot of value to an specific niche market or industry, etc. The general consensus is that high-quality, or “premium”, domains are harder to get because they are highly coveted by the public. Unlike generic domains which are priced low because they are not associated with any specific business, premium domains can be worth thousands even milllions of dollars.

Why so expensive?

Premium domains are expensive. But the value of premium domains is also substantial. Managing multiple social media accounts can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you want to maintain a consistent flow of content. With so much happening on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc., it can be difficult to keep track of what’s working and what isn’t for your brand — plus, if you’re spending hours trying to manage that many profiles instead of creating great content or interacting with your audience.


Owning the right brand name

The right domain name is a valuable asset. It can be your most valuable asset. Think of it as digital real estate property or a storefront for your internet presence. If you hold the right domain name from the start, you’ll have a head start on protecting that brand and building an audience around it, start leading your market, before anyone else even realizes what you’re up to.

Purchasing a premium domain allows you to create an identity for your business, can help lead customers to your website, and it’s incredibly beneficial in search engine results. These domains are often the best reflection of a company’s vision and values. A great example of a premium domain is The name alone evokes the image of high-quality products that athletes have come to know and love from the brand.

The domain name is the first thing your customer sees and the last. It’s the first impression for your business, and it communicates a lot about you or your brand. This is why premium domains are so crucial to a brand’s success in today’s competitive marketplace. A premium domain will help you stand out from the crowd, showcase a sense of prestige for your business, and inspire trust in potential customers through association with a positive connotation.

Premium domains are the most sought after, top-of-mind .com domain names. While there is no exact science to determining which domain name will be successful, premium domains offer a great deal of versatility and therefore give your business the best chance at online success. Of course, of all domain extensions, dot COM is the most valuable, a must-have for big corporations and international businesses worldwide such as,,, etc.

This year, thousands of domain names are being sold every day. Many of these domains have a good age and a good history of backlinks. However, many others don’t really have a lot going on for them in terms of traffic or relevance. Buying premium domains is usually an expensive business. However, there are some cheap premium domain deals out there that can provide you with tremendous value if you know how to spot them and where to invest. Reselling a premium domain can bring an overwhelming return if and once sold to the right final user or company. VPWB holds an active staff of Premium Domain Specialists that will gladly guide you and present you with the right digital real estate investment opportunities.

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