Call: +1 920 221 0228 | Info:
Call: +1 920 221 0228 | Info:

The Oil industry is in the eye of the Storm, the media, critics and supporters are active all across the web. It is then necessary to project the right image along with a consistent strategy. In order to achieve this, your company needs a savvy and smart partner to help you manage your Online presence and public image, VPWB can handle active PR campaigns and reports, Reputation and Crisis Management, Web protection, etc.

Projecting and maintaining a stable and positive image is key for all industrial projects and developments. The public is eager for information and news, we can take care of that part of your business while your company focuses on what matters the most.

At VPWB we thrive for excellence. I am Dave Villacreses M. CEO at VPWB. We offer Web Consulting Services to large Corporations worldwide, from Online Brand and Digital Development to Reputation Management. We work with large corporations such as Public Safety Group, Jones & Bartlett or Mozilla Corporation, etc.

Feel free to reach to us at or Call +1 234 248 2115 – for more Guidance and discuss any opportunities ahead.

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